Our Services

Design Services

Automation system design

  • Complete system design
  • Subsystem design
  • Component design

Custom enclosure design

  • Drive cabinets
  • Small control boxes
  • Consoles and controllers
Mechanical Specialties

Custom Winch Design

  • High speed
  • High load
  • Performer flying

Lifts and Turntables

  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
  • Integrated systems

Unique Axis Design

  • Linear actuator systems
  • Custom special effects
Electrical Specialties
  • Cabinet design
  • Panel fabrication (UL 508a)
  • Testing and certification

Core Market

We are eager to help with any phase of your project – from design to install – but where we really shine is project problem solving.

Have some part of a project that doesn’t fit in your manufacturing schedule? We can help with that overload.

Have an odd axis that can’t be handled by stock products? We can take that problem and create the custom solution you need.

Have some problem with your project that just needs a solution? Let us know, we can help.


We have worked across the entertainment industry not only as designers and fabricators, but as managers, professors, installers, maintenance crew and end users. This enables us see your unique point of view and provide the products and service your project needs.


We have worked with some of the most complex and spectacular equipment throughout all of the entertainment industry. This gives us the confidence to handle whatever your needs might be. We follow a simple design philosophy; all equipment must be effective, efficient and elegant.


We have learned through our years of experience that the costliest part of an automation project happens once gear is onsite and the install has begun. Knowing this has lead us to design our products and processes to be straight forward and to install reliably onsite. We do this by assembling and testing all of our equipment in our manufacturing facility to prove operation and address any issues while the proper tools are on hand.

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