Sujet Series

The Verendus Industries Sujet Series is our newest line of automation products and includes a completely new system of machinery, control hardware and front-end software designed from inception to bring a high level of motorized rigging capability to your production with a familiar and easy to use user interface.

The system is comprised of either touchscreen or push button controls with addressable drives, chain motors and winches and has the ability to be connected in both series and star topologies. Controls allow for jogging, targeted moves as well as cueing capabilities. All machines include redundant absolute encoders, limits and brakes and are designed for overhead lifting. A Sil3 safety system is standard for all axis along with optional load sensing. In addition to the standard Sujet product line, custom configurations are also available to meet the needs of any production.


Currently, there are 3 machinery offerings in the Sujet line: chain motor with internal drive, chain motor with external drive and the Sujet winch with numerous custom options available. All Sujet equipment offers variable speed positioning, dual brakes, redundant absolute encoders, load sensing.

Sujet Chain Motor – Built around a CM chassis with a capacity of 1-ton at 32fpm, the Sujet Chain motor is available with either internal or external drives. The external drive option offers increased duty cycle over a standard CM and allows for all control hardware to be mounted in an accessible location, while the internal drive option provides a quick and easy installation with no additional hardware required except a power and data cable.

Sujet Winch – The Sujet winch was designed to be simple, capable and affordable. Utilizing all of the Sujet series’ standard control hardware and drives, this winch can easily be placed anywhere in your system to provide a higher speed cable pick point. Standard models start at a 500 lb capacity at 2fps and expand from there.


The control design is what really makes the Sujet series shine. This is a brand-new system using propriety motion control boards designed in house for the entertainment industry. System highlights include a 100% EtherCat backbone for communication speed and reliability, easily addressable self-identifying control devices, flexible network topology and an inherent synchronization between axes with extremely accurate positioning. Currently, the 3 main control devices are the Sujet series include the Sujet drive, Choreo touch controller and the 4×4 control station. All controls are UL listed.

Sujet Drive – The Sujet drive has evolved out of decades of industry experience combined with the latest industrial control hardware. This is a universal drive enclosure offered in numerous HP ratings that is capable of operating chain motors, winches, turntables, lifts or nearly any other automated axes. It is offered in a wall mount enclosure for permanent installation applications as well as a rack/truss mountable enclosure for touring applications, but all variants include the same individual circuit protection for the drive, brakes, and control as well as local status indicators, address selection switch and daisy-chainable control ports.

Choreo Touch Controller – Designed to be an easy to use touch screen controller for up to 16 axes, the Touch Controller is the brains of the operation. Just plug the touch controller into any available control port and it will auto-detect every axis on the network. Simply set your position, soft limits and Accel, Decel and Velocity and your ready to run. Capabilities include jogging, targeted moves and a cueing interface to production use. 

4×4 Controller – The 4×4 controller gives the stagehand a familiar interface with no setup required. Modeled after a fixed speed chain motor control pendant, the 4×4 controller can operate up to 4 chain motors with individual jog buttons as well as the ability to run all motors in sync. This controller also allows the user to save 4 preset room looks which can be recalled from any position. As with all Sujet equipment, soft starts/stops avoid any shock loading of your equipment.

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